March 21, 2017

For Service Subscribers


Simple and hassle free

By setting up a Direct Debit with PrecisionPay, customers no longer need to do anything. Their bills will be paid for the right amount on the right day without any hassles.

They can align their payments with their income stream

We process Direct Debits each working day of the month therefore it is possible for customers to align their payments to be made when most suitable for them.  This reduces unpaid or bounced payments and ensures greater long term revenue for businesses.  Result = Happy Customers + Improved subscriptions.

Security of data

Customers can be assured that their bank details details are secure when held by PrecisionPay.

Payments handled by professional, independent billing company

Customers know that should there be a dispute, PrecisionPay is independent and will not act to their detriment. Similarly should something adverse happen to your our service provider clients PrecisionPay will at all times act ethically and in accordance with the banking industry standards.

Choice of term or flexi arrangement

Customers can choose to have a term contract that expires automatically once they have made all the required payments or a “flexi” contract that carries on after any minimum term until such time as they request it to stop.


PrecisionPay’s database is private and is not ever used for any other purposes.

It’s easy to set up

Customers love ease of use. A payment method that’s fast and hassle-free is a big selling point to customers, and setting up Direct Debit payments couldn’t be easier.

Once customers fill the form and attach the signed direct debit mandate, we will setup the instruction with their bank within 24 hours. It’s as simple as that.

It saves time for customers

Customers all live busy lives and finding the time to stay on top of bills can sometimes be a challenge. With their payments set up using Direct Debit, everything happens automatically and efficiently.

Once the customer’s direct debit mandate is set up, they don’t have to do anything more. It’s this ease of use that has resulted in 80% of individuals in developed countries having at least one Direct Debit and the average person having six! Customers won’t waste time with online banking or queuing up in banking halls, and there’s no need for them to remember when payment is due. We just collect the right amount of money on the agreed date and settle the bills.

It takes away the hassle of late payment

There will be times when customers forget to pay on time. We’ve all been there, but late payments isn’t an issue – with Direct Debit, customer pays on time, every time.

With agreed payment dates, and the whole process of collection taken care of automatically, customers will never miss a payment again. That means no disruption to the service provider’s customer’s service, no awkward chase-up emails and no embarrassment for you when being asked to pay their bill on time in the future. This all goes without mentioning the reduction in debtor-tracking time for businesses.

It’s secure and protected by the Direct Debit Guarantee

Using the Direct Debit system is an extremely safe way to pay, with modern encryption and secure firewalls used to protect customer information.

Bank account details are encrypted on our systems, so customers can be rest assured that their data is safely stored and that every possible effort is taken to keep their bank details secure.

All payments are covered by the Direct Debit Guarantee. This gives customers complete cover for payments made in error or taken fraudulently, making Direct Debit by far the safest payment method for Nigerian customers to use.

It saves money for customers

Using Direct Debit brings plenty of time, admin and cost savings to businesses. Passing these savings on to the customer, by means of incentives and discounts, can be another way to make it an even more attractive proposition to your end user.